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From the beginning our company has focused on the real property of higher and of medium segment to meet the needs of discerning customers. Our specialization is different from other real estate agencies in Spain. In our database you will not find hundreds and thousands of offers of secondary or low liquidity of housing, which is full internet access. But all that we have - it really is the best real estate. On the coast, we almost do not work with the secondary housing for the simple reason that the condition of the property is poor. The few exceptions - are exclusive facilities, including real estate, once sold by us and subsequently offered for sale by our customers.


In the selection of real estate, we are guided not by the number of objects, and their quality. Moreover, the quality does not always mean sky-high prices. On the coast of Spain there are sometimes small and quality apartments with a lounge and two bedrooms for 200,000 euros. At present, there is a lower price limit of quality property in Spain. Talking about quality, we invest in this concept is not only the quality of construction and finishing materials, engineering and technical solutions, but also the zone the property, environmental infrastructure, and even that is difficult to clear first for a foreign buyer factor, as a social cross-section and a contingent of residents in this area .


If your goal - to buy in Spain, the cheapest property, then you have nothing. In this case, our recommendation - to draw attention to the country's cheap, where for the money you can buy real estate better than the same amount in Spain.


Each selected object we allocated. The property is situated on the coast with magnificent plots, the best protection, architecture and decoration maximum in its price category of quality.


At our disposal are also closed lists available for sale and real estate exclusively located land. We are well aware of the proposals, details of which never officially distributed. In these cases, our company undertakes to respect the right of owners to privacy, not to publish photos of their property on the site and in promotional materials and take account of this property only as potentially available for sale if there is really interested in the exclusive buyer.


Sometimes clients come to us are already working with other agencies. They are disappointed as the service and facilities that are offered them, and do not believe that they can find in Spain that he wants. These people we are helping find their dream home.


We know perfectly well what the real estate in Spain, like demanding customers, where it is and how best to acquire. We are aware of what the Spanish credit institutions are not denied to our customers in large mortgages. As the official partner more than a dozen Spanish and Swiss banks for credit, we can get these loans for our customers. Also, we solve the difficulties associated with transferring funds to Spain. For our clients we work so that by choosing the best property in Spain with our company, our clients receive the best conditions for its acquisition, design, and excellent personal service VIP-level, both before and after purchase.